The Bunny Lake Plan, watercolour on paper (180cm x 60cm), 1999


The catalyst for Georgina Starr's 'Bunny Lake Series' (1999-2003) was her identification with two films from the 1960's: Bunny Lake is Missing (Otto Preminger, 1965) and Peter Bogdanovich’s Targets (1967). Bunny Lake is Missing is a film about a girl who never comes home from her first day at school. It is about violent loss pressed into the cinematic codes of mystery and intrigue. At the heart of the film is a question: does the child really exist or is she is a figment of an hysterical woman's imagination?

In Targets the young protagonist 'Bobby' fills up the boot of his open-top car with arsenal, goes home and kills his mother, father and young wife in an unemotional display of domestic violence. He then goes on a killing spree ending up in a drive-in movie theatre where he shoots the movie viewers through a small hole in the cinema screen.

Starr painted a large watercolour to plan her route into the narrative, the painting acts as a portal to a parallel universe whose setting is the former 'Reseda Drive-In' in the San Fernando Valley, California (the original drive-in used in Bogdanovich's film). It functions as a schematic for the entire 'Bunny Lake Series', which explodes out from its surface into the intricately constructed world of THE BUNNY LAKES ARE COMING, THE BUNNY LAKE COLLECTION, BUNNY LAKE DRIVE-IN, INSIDE BUNNY LAKE GARDEN.












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